Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thanks for Popping in!

So, for back-to-school night this year, I couldn't really find anything cutesy to go with our theme, so I searched Pinterest for other ideas. I found the cutest (and cost-effective) idea on this adorable blog!  I used her "Thank you for popping in" printable, but my final product turned out a bit differently.  I bought some cute little popcorn boxes at Hobby Lobby in the birthday favor aisle.

I originally thought about actually popping the popcorn and putting it in these little boxes for back-to-school night, but:

1. I didn't really have time the day of because we had a PD that morning.

2.  I was a little worried about the mess and it not being enough for the families to share.  

So, I bought a 24 pack of popcorn and decided to give each family a pack of their own to take home.

I used double-sided tape (I should buy stock in this stuff) to secure the "Thank you for popping in" note to the bag of popcorn.

I planned to place the popcorn bags inside the little popcorn boxes, but they would not fit.  I decided to just use double-sided tape yet again to tape the popcorn bag to the back of the popcorn boxes like this:

They could now stand up on their own, but the popcorn boxes were empty, so I had to think of something to fill those with- preferably something that resembled popcorn...

I found some yellow tissue paper that worked just wonderfully!

They were definitely a big hit with all who came!  

I also projected this message on the whiteboard to welcome parents and also let them know exactly what I needed from them before they left.

Welcome to 5th grade!  
I am so glad you’re here!!
Please find your seat and fill out 2 papers from your folder if you have time

1.    Green Enrollment card- in front of folder on right side
2.    Light yellow transportation for first 3 days of school

*Don’t forget to take a magnet from the board and your bag of popcorn!  

Thanks for POPPING IN! 

On another note, we start school in 2 days!!  Excited and anxious!  

*...and thank you for popping in on my blog!  

*Ms. Charity*


Julia said...

This is super cute! T>hanks for sharing! :)
Lattes and Laughter

cjyoung05 said...

Thank you, Julia! Glad you stopped by! :)

Melissa ~Jungle Learners~ said...

What a cute idea! I might just do something similar this year. I'm your newest follower and your blog is adorable!! :)

Jungle Learners

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